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Organizations need to upgrade their IT systems and applications to stay in sync with the cutting-edge technology. Organizations must constantly upgrade IT Life Sciences systems and applications to support business growth objectives. Upgrades should be planned and managed effectively, so as to avoid business disruptions.

With a great level of expertise, we provide comprehensive support for upgrading your systems to meet your business goals and to comply with worldwide regulatory guidelines.

Recent versions of several system upgrades we specialize in include:

  • Argus Safety Suite to 8.X
  • Oracle Clinical / Remote Data Capture (RDC) to 5.X
  • Thesaurus Management System (TMS) to 5.X
  • Oracle LSH version installation and upgrades
  • OCDA upgrades

Our upgrade assessment and upgrade services will address the following:

  • Perform impact analysis on business processes and facilitate customizations
  • What necessitates an upgrade? Should the system be upgraded or re-implemented?
  • How many of the existing extension, interfaces and reports will need to be reworked for it to be able to work with the upgraded application
  • Upgrade complexity assessment
  • Identify pre-upgrade and post-upgrade tasks
  • Validations required for the upgrade

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