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Clinevo eConsent​

Clinevo eConsent is a regulatory-compliant and patient-friendly electronic consent system for clinical trials. ​Clinevo eConsent is a mobile-friendly electronic consenting system that maintains participant engagement, improves their comprehension, simplifies compliance monitoring, and optimizes the overall quality of the consenting process.​

Clinevo eConsent supports multimedia components (audio, video) that may be utilized to create an interactive and engaging informed consent experience, accommodating various learning styles.​​


Image One Clinical Trial Platform​

  • One interactive platform with EDC, IWRS, eCOA, CTMS, eTMF, and Remote Monitoring capabilities combined.​​

Image Decentralized & Hybrid Studies​

  • Clinevo eConsent enables seamless support for decentralized and hybrid Clinical Trials.​

Image Simple to Use​

  • Clinevo eConsent has a simple design and user interface that makes it easy for participants to understand and use the application with little or no training.​

Image Improved Compliance​

  • Clinevo eConsent Alerts are delivered directly to participants' smartphones to remind them to complete the tasks, hence increasing compliance.​​

Image Regulatory Inspection Ready​

  • Clinevo eConsent Complies with all current and emerging regulations including 21 CFR Part 11, ANNEX 11, GxP and GDPR.​​

Image Anytime, Anywhere & Any device​

  • Clinevo eConsent is compatible with iOS or Android, iPad or laptop or any device.​​

Image System Integrations​

  • Clinevo eConsent is built on JAVA technology which enables it to easily communicate with various other CTMS and EDC systems.​​

Image Multimedia Training​

  • Clinevo eConsent is compatible with a wide variety of multimedia files, such as videos, audios, images, and PDF documents, among others.​​

Image Cost Effective & High Performing​

  • Clinevo eConsent is a cost-effective system which comes with transparent optimized pricing.
    Clinevo eConsent is built on a committed Infrastructure, hosting, training, business process and 24/7 application support.​​

Image Real time monitoring, Dashboards and Reporting​

  • Clinevo eConsent delivers robust and actionable dashboards and analytics for monitoring and tracking Participant responses/statuses in real time.​

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