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Clinevo Document Management System (DMS)

Clinevo Document Management System is a web based easy-to-use document management system to maintain, review, approve, manage, publish your organization's documents electronically (including SOPs, work instructions, Contracts, Vendor documents, etc) in one place.

Clinevo Document Repository meets all the electronic document and regulatory guidelines including:

  • Version control
  • Redacting / Masking
  • Document lifecycle and workflows
  • Expiration management
  • Security and access control,
  • Change controls,
  • Audit trails, and
  • System validation. 

Image Live Tracking & Status

  • Based on the documents plan, the system tracks the status of the documents & monitors the verification/approval statuses of the documents

Image  Configurable Organization Structure

  • Configurable classification structure for organizations to manage their Organization Specific or Project Specific Structures for reusability

Image Documents Planning & Due Dates Setup

  • The system allows companies to create a Plan along with the due date for the documents at Organization or Project level

Image Document Lifecycle and Version Control

  • Robust Documents Lifecycle with Author, Review and eSign/Approval workflow.
  • Automated version controlling with robust Check-in and Check-out functionality

Image Advanced Analytics

  • Gain powerful and actionable insights
  • Advanced Analytics to track Completeness, Quality, Timeliness and compliance of the documents.

Image Bulk / Quick upload

  • The system allows users to upload hundreds of documents in one go with a simple drag and drop
  • Dynamic Indexing of documents

Image Redaction of Information

  • System provides options to redact sensitive information on the uploaded documents.

Image Sharing and Collaboration

  • Allows a user to invite external parties to upload and work collaboratively on documents system in a controlled method

Image Faster User Adoption

  • Anyone can be trained on this system within few hours.

Image Anytime, Anywhere & Any device

  • User friendly web application can be accessed with internet / intranet using IE, Chrome and Firefox browsers and on any device enables real-time site collaboration and document exchange

Image Regulatory Inspection Ready

  • Audit trail maintained for every operation​ fully compliant eSignatures for all stakeholders
  • Complies with 21 CFR Part 11, ANNEX 11, GxP, GDPR.

Image Expiration management & Notifications

  • Expiration Management and document expiry alerts​
  • Configurable email and system notifications

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