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Master Data Management (MDM)

Clinevo Master data management (MDM) is a cloud-based Master Data Management software to manage SITES, INVESTIGATORS and other clinical trial information in a centralized means to ensure the uniformity, accuracy, semantic consistency and reusability across Clinical Trials.

Clinical Trial Manager is a powerful and intuitive platform to manage clinical trials. It helps you map your trial's protocols, randomization schedules, site contracts, budgets, and enrolling strategies in a clear and concise platform with customizable Dashboards to track progress at a glance. Connects seamlessly with our Cloud Master Data Management solution - Clinevo Master data management (MDM)

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Image CTMS and Other System Integrations

  • Clinevo Master Data Management (MDM) provides interfaces to CTMS, EDC and other Clinical and non-clinical systems.

Image Faster User Adoption

  • Business team, CROs, and others can be trained on the Clinevo Master Data Management (MDM) within few hours.

Image Improved efficiency

  • Clinevo Master Data Management (MDM) builds a single data source that eliminates duplication of data and thus increases the efficiency of the business processes.

Image Improved governance

  • By consolidating your data in one place, all stakeholders have access to the most up to date data with Clinevo Master Data Management (MDM).

Image Complete Information Management

  • Clinevo Master Data Management (MDM) provides the best features to manage detailed information about every Site or Personal/Investigator

Image Regulatory Inspection Ready

  • Clinevo Master Data Management (MDM) Complies with all current and emerging regulations including 21 CFR Part 11, ANNEX 11, GxP, and GDPR.

Image Anytime, Anywhere & Any device

  • Clinevo Master Data Management (MDM) is the best User-friendly web application which can be accessed with internet / intranet using IE, Chrome and Firefox browsers

Image Single version of the truth

  • Clinevo Master Data Management (MDM) ensures that an organization does not use multiple (potentially inconsistent) versions of the same master data in different parts of its Clinical Trials / Operations

Image Cost Effective & High Performing

  • Clinevo Master Data Management (MDM) is a cost-effective system comes with transparent optimized pricing.
  • Clinevo Master Data Management (MDM) is built on a Committed Infrastructure, hosting, training, business process and provides the best 24/7 Application support.

Image Dynamic workflows

  • Clinevo OneClinicalTrial Platform provides easily configurable workflows to meet the Sponsor SOPs and every needs of clinical trials

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