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Data migration

Companies conduct data migration projects for many reasons: corporate events like mergers & acquisitions (many sources to many targets), new business models or processes (one-to-one), or to keep pace with technical progress or consolidating applications (many-to-one). Almost all migrations involve data transformations to get the data from one model to another. Transformation addresses data quality issues such as name-and-address cleansing, deduplication and standardization.

Data is one of the most important assets that a company owns. Data is collected and analyzed to create information for decision making. Data influences patient safety or product quality in Life Sciences. We understand that if data is transferred to another data format or system, validation should include checks that ensure that the data is not altered in value and/or meaning during this migration process.

Data migration projects are often underestimated. Migrations are complex, as multiple data sources have to be harmonized and data quality is essential for Life Sciences compliant systems.

To prevent costly future business process interruptions and to achieve compliance, it is recommended that all iterations should follow a clearly defined model.

Our data migration experts deploy a number of approaches, products, as well as third party solutions to analyze the existing processes, plan the transition, obtain buy-in and migrate data, content & metadata to perform in-depth validations in order to ensure migration quality & regulatory compliance are intact.

With our data migration expertise, we know how to

  • Manage end-to-end data migration activities with in-depth understanding of business processes and key data used in each of the processes
  • Extract, transform and transfer the data
  • Handle legacy audit trial information and the data verification approach
  • Select appropriate ETL tools & techniques and determine whether these need to be validated

The key benefits of the above structured approach are:

  • Reduced risk – establishing a reproducible and scalable process minimizes errors
  • Budget control – avoid costly overruns by finishing the tasks in time
  • Increased governance – establish an effective and efficient information governance process that meets GxP regulations through up-to-date documentation (rules and decisions)

Some of the Data migration with which we can help your organization, include

  • Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) to Argus Safety
  • ARISg to Argus Safety
  • Excel to Argus Safety
  • Clinical data to Oracle Clinical, Medidata RAVE instances
  • Any homegrown/legacy system to any Oracle application

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